Hello Coaches!

Thank you so much for your willingness to coach, we couldn't have a league without parents like you!

Below is some information to get you started this season:

Game Schedule

Game 1 - 9/18

Game 2 - 9/25* (Day of AHS Cross-Country meet; games will be in the afternoon)

Game 3 - 10/2

Game 4 - 10/9

Game 5 - 10/16

Game 6 - 10/23

Game 7 - 10/30

Game 8 - 11/6** (First day of deer-hunting season; games will be in the afternoon)

A Game Schedule with exact game times will be sent out via email to coaches by  9/10.


When and where to hold practice is totally up to you, the coach. Most teams practice twice a week on Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Thursday, but again, that will be up to you. Most teams practice at the practice soccer fields at the Atlanta High School but you are not required to do so.

Coach Clinic

PYSA is in the process of organizing a coach clinic for our coaches to receive training and information about drills and general soccer knowledge to help them be better coaches. Please check back for more details.


Uniforms will be ordered once all players have been registered. Uniforms usually arrive a few days before the first game and we hope to have them in by 9/14 and will be at the AHS practice fields on 9/14 and 9/16 to pass out uniforms to coaches who will then distribute them to their teams.


All players will need soccer cleats*, shin-guards, socks, water bottle/jug

*The cleats must be soccer cleats; baseball cleats, metal cleats, or cleats with a cleat on the toe

Ball Size

4-5 year old:      size 3

6-7 year old:      size 4

8-10 year old:    size 4

11-14 year old:  size 5