1. Will there be any new rules or guidelines related to COVID-19? We have posted our COVID-19 guidelines on the menu bar and an updated Refund policy below (FAQ #2 and #3) so parents and players are all aware of the policies of the league before signing up. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to much confusion and uncertainty about how many of our normal activities will proceed, and PYSA is trying to do what’s best for everyone involved and account for the safety of both our players and parents while still providing an opportunity to have fun playing soccer. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to getting everybody back out there again!

2. What is the refund policy?  No refunds after 9/4. If a special situation arises after that date, such as a player/parent having to move because of work or a player gets sick or injured, then PYSA will review those on an case-by-case basis. In the event a refund is provided it will likely be prorated based on how many games have been played and minus the cost of uniform, insurance and NTSA fees. PYSA reserves the right to require documentation to support any request for a refund.

3. What happens if my player gets sick and can't play or if the league gets cancelled due to COVID-19?  In the event that happens, PYSA will meet to discuss how to handle the situation. As stated above, if any refund is provided it will be prorated and minus the cost of uniform, insurance and NTSA fees.

4. What ages can play?  Ages 4 – 14 are eligible to play (3 year olds can play if they attended our summer soccer camp). The players are divided into the following age groups: 4-5 (U6), 6-7 (U8), 8-10 (U11), and 11-14 (U15). All teams are co-ed.

5. What is the birthday cut-off?  October 1. Your child will be placed into an age group depending on what age they are as of October 1. For example, if your child is 5 on October 1, but turns 6 on October 2, then they would still play in the 4-5 age group. If your child is 5 on September 30, but turns 6 on October 1, then they would play in the 6-7 age group. 

6. Can my child be on the same team as his sibling/cousin/friend?  We will do our best to put players on the same team at the parents’ request, but only siblings in the same age group are guaranteed to be on the same team. We cannot guarantee that other requests will be fulfilled.

​7. What equipment will my child need?  The registration fee covers the league fees and uniforms. The player/parent will be responsible for getting cleats, socks, shinguards, and a soccer ball (for practice).

8.  How many games will there be?  8 games.

9.  What are the game times and dates?  All games are on Saturday morning starting on 9/18 and going until 11/6. Games on 9/25 and 11/6 will be in the afternoon on those days.

10. Will games be held on the first day of deer-season?  Yes, we plan on having games on Saturday 11/6. However, we will be scheduling games in the afternoon to provide parents and players an opportunity to hunt in the morning and attend their game in the afternoon.

11. How are coaches selected?  This league is entirely dependent on parent-volunteers, and therefore each team will require one of the parent’s or a group of parents to step forward and coach.

12. When will pictures be taken?  Team pictures are tentatively scheduled for 10/9 and 10/16.  PYSA will provide more information to coaches who will then relay that to the parents.

13. My child is small for their age/new to soccer/has special needs, can they play in a younger division?  In general the answer is no. While we do not want to discourage any children from playing, we must follow rules that are established by North Texas Soccer, the parent organization for youth soccer in our region. However, if you have a concern please contact one of the board members so we may discuss your child’s specific situation.

14.  Can my child play up a division? Sometimes parents would like their child to play up one division to be on the same team as a sibling, because their birthday is close to the Oct. 1 cutoff, or they want more of a challenge, etc. Children may play up one division after the league has a chance to review the request and determines that it would not pose a safety risk to the player to play with older children. 

15. When will practices be held?  That will be up to your child’s coach. Most teams choose to practice twice a week.