COVID-19 Guidelines

1. Governor Abbott has issued GA-29 relating to the mandatory wearing of masks. The order can be found here.

2. In relevant part the order states that masks are mandatory even in outside public places if social distancing cannot be maintained. Failure to abide by the order could result in a fine of up to $250.

3. PYSA is not a law enforcement entity and is not equipped to enforce the order though the league does encourage everyone to abide by the order to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

4. If PYSA feels that the order is being violated to such an extent that it is bringing undue risk to others, PYSA reserves the right to require that person to socially distance, wear a mask, or leave the grounds.


5. Parents should monitor themselves and their children, and should anyone exhibit COVID-19 like symptoms or a fever they should not come to the fields.

6. Parents and coaches are encouraged to have hand sanitizer or wipes available for all games and practices.

7. Players must only use their equipment and not share soccer balls, shin-guards or any other items.

8. Coaches and players are encouraged to social distance as much as possible during practices and games.

9. While the Governor's order specifically exempts anyone engaged in physical activity from wearing a mask, coaches and players are encouraged to wear masks before and immediately after practices and games.